The Approach

Merchant North combines data, creativity, and technology, with human emotion to create experiences and solutions that attract attention, generate meaningful conversations and gain fans. Capturing the attention of potential customers and holding it in place can only be achieved through purpose-driven strategy that coherently reflects your brand.

We have developed a decidedly different approach to marketing with a singular focus on delivering real, bottom-line business results for your organization and a consistent, intent-driven experience for your users across every touchpoint.

Brand Management

We live in a world where a brand is no longer what you tell the consumer it is, but rather what they experience. Building strong brand awareness and loyalty is vital to the success of any business.

With a track record of building successful products, we provide critical insights and draw from our experiences to shape and refine your brand. We take a holistic, integrated view of your business, allowing us to see ahead of the curve, unlock opportunities and leverage technologies to deliver superior ROI.

Campaign Management

Marketing is evolving at a breakneck pace, with new platforms, tools, strategies & tactics being developed on a near-daily basis.

Be it a targeted email send or a fully integrated 360 marketing campaign, our team controls all the moving parts while providing up to date reporting and optimizing each touchpoint to ensure success.

Content & Social

Everything boils down to solving human problems; that’s why we strive for optimal user experience through thoughtful and purposeful design.

Our content team works hand-in-hand with the Performance team to deliver a holistic approach, which combines technical optimization with high-value content curation and authority building to ensure your site is ranked highly in SERPs.

Marketing Performance

We make sense of all the data your brand receives each and every day, so we can better understand customer behaviour and create personalized experiences, in order to optimize your strategy.

This takes a lot more than simply using Google Analytics, tagging and meta descriptions: we use data to inform stakeholders and create transformative business impact.