The Merchant North Culture Manifesto

Every company likes to think they’re special and one-of-a-kind, but we really believe that Merchant North isn’t like anywhere else. It’s easy to write admirable values; it’s harder to live them. Our values are the specific behaviors and skills we care about most.

We are all in customer service.

You understand that turning customers into advocates is the clearest path to success. You believe any action that creates value for someone else is service.


We embrace diversity.

You collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. You nurture and embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions.


We fearlessly face forward together.

You say what you think, when it’s in the best interest of the team, even if it is uncomfortable. You take smart risks and are open to possible failure.


We solve real problems.

You re-conceptualize issues to discover solutions to hard problems. You challenge prevailing assumptions, and suggest better approaches.


We adapt quickly.

You keep us nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify. You learn rapidly and eagerly, contributing effectively outside of your specialty.


We act like an owner.

You make your colleagues better, inspiring others with your thirst for excellence. You care intensely about our members and Merchant North’s success.